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Cannabis Industry Veteran John Svoboda Joins Beuhi, Inc. Advisory Board

Cannabis Industry Veteran John Svoboda Joins Beuhi, Inc. Advisory Board


[Westfield, NJ 02/13/24] – Beuhi™, a pioneering force in the evolution of at-home botanically infused confections, proudly announces the addition of John Svoboda to its Advisory Board. With a distinguished and diverse background as an operator and innovator within the Cannabis Industry and currently serving as the Executive Director of the Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, John brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic vision to the Beuhi team.

Mr. Svoboda is leading the Cannabis Chamber of Commerce in its critical work to support the growth and development of businesses that serve the regulated cannabis industry by offering a meaningful trade association that offers resources at the local level and a unified voice on the national stage.

“John is one of the most genuine, knowledgeable, connected, and influential people I have met within the cannabis industry,” said Richard Martin, Co-Founder / COO of Beuhi. “His experience across all facets of cannabis makes him an incredible strategic advisor, and his network and reputation are second to none. I look forward to working with and learning from John as Beuhi works to empower consumers and provide transparency and choice by providing consumers an easy, consistent, and reliable way to tailor their functional candies to their unique preferences and needs.”

“I have been in the legal cannabis industry since day one.” Said Mr. Svoboda. “I have been a big believer in working with individuals, companies, and organizations that are innovating best-of-class solutions for medical and adult-use recreational users. Beuhi has created a unique, versatile, and fun way for consumers to control their journey. I am excited to help them on their mission.”

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