• Infused Candies Have Come Home


    Infused Candies Have Come HomeTHE BEUHI BREAKTHROUGH

    Better Tech, Better Treats.
  • Infused Treats Your Way


    Infused Treats Your WayMAKE IT PERSONAL

    Beuhi Puts You in Control
  • Edibles Should Taste Good!


    Edibles Should Taste Good!REAL FOOD, REAL FLAVOR

    Natural Ingredients for Infused Treats

Make Your Own Bliss™

Create gummies, chocolates, and hard candies at home and infuse them with your own botanicals or nutraceuticals, only with the game-changing technology and confectionery knowhow of Beuhi™.

Beuhi puts you in control: no guesswork about ingredients, no questions about quality, and most importantly—no anxiety about potency. The first-of-its-kind, patent-pending Beuhi smart appliance provides exacting dispersion in every batch and every bite. Safely manage it all with the obsessively secure Beuhi mobile app.

Whatever your functional confections are for—fun, focus, your lifestyle, or your health—Beuhi lets you make them exactly how you want them. That’s why our mantra is Make Your Own Bliss™.

Beuhi System Features


A Groundbreaking Home Appliance

The first-of-its-kind Beuhi smart appliance (patent pending) is more than just a pretty face, it's a private, compact candy factory and an infusion-producing genius right on your own kitchen countertop.

Universal Canister & Ingredient Canisters

Load the Universal Canister with your own botanical nutraceutical. Drop it into your Beuhi appliance alongside our Ingredient Canisters—pre-filled with all the candy-making must-haves to create tongue-tantalizing treats.

The Safe & Secure Beuhi Mobile App

Access your Beuhi appliance, adjust ingredient dispersion, security settings and much more. Update your Ingredient Canister subscription, explore flavors, and keep a private journal of your Beuhi journey.

A Curated Experience with Beuhi Buddies

Discover an ever-expanding community and engaging, curated content in the Beuhi app. Connect with other Beuhi buddies, get recommendations, recipes, find support, and share your experiences.


People Are Buzzing About Beuhi

We Bring Good Things to Functional Confections

  • Consistent dispersion in every batch, every bite
  • Transparency about infusions and ingredients
  • Control in the hands of the consumer
  • No more cheap, unreliable botanicals
  • Improved taste and texture. Candy should taste like candy!

Beuhi Puts You in Control

  • Chooses from clean, natural ingredients to match your lifestyle
  • Exceptional taste and texture
  • Infuse treats with your own botanicals (cannabis, CBD, and more) or nutraceuticals (vitamins, extracts, supplements)
  • Beuhi™ candies are higher quality and often less expensive than retail


Our Executive Team

Paloma Campo

Founder, Chief Innovation Officer


David Martin

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Rick Martin

Founder, COO / CFO

Jonathan Warnock

Chief Marketing Officer

Philip Emeott

Creative Director

Beuhi's Advisory Board

Pat Parenty

President L’Oreal Professional Product Division, U.S. Brands, Retired

Drew Matilsky

CEO & Founder of Good Soul Brands

Marcy McKenna

CEO, Award Winning Inventor & Entrepreneur, HSN & Amazon Influencer

Jeff Nemeth

Co-Founder, Strategic Advisor, former CEO, ACT Laboratories Inc

Melissa Perrucci

Founder & CEO, CanDu Media

John Svoboda

Executive Director, The Cannabis Chamber of Commerce and cannabis industry veteran.

Josh Martin

Former President, Zenith Optimedia Direct, DR Advertising expert

Frank Lee

3D Animation Expert & Creative Consultant



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