• At-home candy making and infusing system


    At-home candy making and infusing systemFIRST OF ITS KIND

  • Make Your Own Bliss


    Make Your Own BlissMYOB

  • A variety of flavors to tickle your taste buds.


    A variety of flavors to tickle your taste buds.ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS

Say Hi! To Beuhi​™

Beuhi™ is revolutionizing the way botanical-infused gummies, chocolates, and hard candies are created through its first-of-its-kind IoT candy-making and infusing system that is designed for at-home use. Our cutting-edge technology, currently pending a patent, combines a user-friendly countertop appliance with a convenient monthly subscription service.
The subscription includes pre-filled, exclusive candy ingredient canisters, tailored specifically for use with Beuhi. To enhance the overall experience, users can seamlessly control the entire process through a dedicated mobile app, which also serves as a gateway to connect with fellow users and explore our vast digital realm.



The Appliance

Bespoke Experience, Quick, Consistent Output, Custom Botanical Input.

The Canisters

Variety of Natural Flavors, Transparent Nutritional Information, Consistent Texture, Proprietary Formula.

The Companion App

Manage Device Security, Subscription-based eCommerce, Formula Management, Personalized Journaling.

The Curated Experience

Virtual Experiences, Product Recommendations & Recipes, Wellness Support, Social & Shared Activities.

We Solve Systemic Issues within the Infused Edible Market:

  • Inconsistent dispersion
  • Lack of transparency in the ingredients
  • Lack of trust in products 
  • Infused with cheap or unreliable botanicals
  • Unpleasant aftertaste and texture

We Empower the Consumer

  • The consumer chooses from all-natural ingredients that match their lifestyle (vegan, kosher)
  • Exceptional taste and texture
  • consumers can seamlessly infuse with their own choice of botanicals
  • Beuhi™  produced candies are higher quality and often less expensive for consumer


Executive Team

Paloma Campo

Founder, Chief Innovation Officer

David Martin

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Rick Martin

Founder, COO / CFO

Jonathan Warnock

Chief Marketing Officer

Philip Emeott

Creative Director

Advisory Board

Pat Parenty

President L’Oreal Professional Product Division, U.S. Brands, Retired

Drew Matilsky

CEO & Founder of Good Soul Brands

Marcy McKenna

CEO, Award Winning Inventor & Entrepreneur, HSN & Amazon Influencer

Jeff Nemeth

Co-Founder, Strategic Advisor, former CEO, ACT Laboratories Inc

Melissa Perrucci

Founder & CEO, CanDu Media

John Svoboda

Executive Director, The Cannabis Chamber of Commerce and cannabis industry veteran.

Josh Martin

Former President, Zenith Optimedia Direct, DR Advertising expert

Frank Lee

3D Animation Expert & Creative Consultant


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